React Native Environment is too unfriendly

I started learning React from February,2020 and I have been able to deploy 5–8 websites on heroku and netlify. I was very impressed by how reponsive React is to any changes I make in the code and it is so smooth.

Then I decided to try React Native on Android only.

My first impression of React Native is bad. The expo was loading the Javascript bundle most of the times. The QR code seems to not work most of the times in my Android Mobile.

I wondered how can React Native environment be so unfriendly for beginners. 80% of the times the expo does not work and even all the instructions are followed to detail, there is always a chance of error.

Since expo was malfunctioning in my Android emulator and in my real Android device, I decided to try with React Native CLI ,i.e., npx react-native init AwesomeProject

Then, I needed to create file in my android folder and add my Android SDK path

sdk.dir = /Users/{NAME}/Library/Android/sdk

and upgrade for


After all this step, my react native app finally starts.

I have made 2–3 react native apps so far on my own. I then decided to open those after 3–10 days later and the next thing I did is, I had to update all dependencies and update emulator and so many things and it took me 3 hours to make my old react native app start again.

This was the most shocking experience I ever had with any framework.

I decided to open the same React Native app again after about 10–30 days later and this time, the react native app fails to start again.

I love Javascript and React JS and I find React Native easy but when I talk about the React native framework and its environment, it is not friendly at all and I believe if facebook fix this thing, it will get so popular that every web developer would choose react native over any other hybrid framework.

For the time being, I am learning Flutter and I am planning to use React JS, Node Js for web development and Flutter for mobile development.

If anyone agrees with me or disagrees with me, leave a clap or comment with why you disagree or suggestions or your opinions

I am sharing my experience here with you about React Native and I have nothing against anyone.

A full stack developer